Recruitment services

Recruitment, Selection and Assessment

We are able to source the right candidate for your company. We do this by understanding the factors which are specific to your company.
We do this by factoring in the following points:

  • The culture of the business
  • The relevant experience that the candidate needs to have
  • The relevant qualifications
  • Regular feedback of roles and the status of those roles
  • Ensuring that the candidates are well prepared to our clients

We have an assessment centre to facilitate psychometric assessments for your senior roles.

Talent Mapping and Research

We deliver Talent Mapping and Research services according to the needs of our clients. A situation in which these services are utilised include organisations that require market intelligence to better manage workforce planning in response to today’s highly challenging environment.

The Talent Mapping services have been created in response to the needs identified by our clients, including:

  • Benchmarking for succession planning and internal promotion
  • Risk mitigation and/or contingency planning for executive or critical skills roles
  • Understanding of availability of scarce/critical skills
  • Market intelligence gathering in regard to competitors and talent pipelines
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